Our product range

Sell: $6 Harvest: $6

AA4 or AAA4

50% profit
Sell: $6 Harvest: $6


50% profit
Sell: $6 Harvest: $6

AA10 or AAA10

50% profit
Sell: $6 Harvest: $6

AA24 or AAA24

50% profit


Georges Laraque, spokesperson

A major ally for your fundraising.

We worked with


Easy to sell

Polyvalente Arvida Volleyball Team

Ye! I can't wait to distribute the batteries. I am pleasantly surprised by the response we have had for our sales!!! Very happy to have done business with you.

Karine Brisson, Granada School

It's sold easily

Métabetchouan Figure Skating Club

I received the order yesterday afternoon. Judging from the positive response from people, I feel like I underestimated our ability to sell your product...

Sonia Laval School Board

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