7 golden rules for a successful fundraising campaign

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    Define the objectives of your fundraising campaign; not only in relation to your financial expectations, but do not hesitate to include other aspects to promote the success of your campaign. These can be diverse: participation rate, people reached, time goals, etc.

    objectifs de la campagne
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    Explain the campaign with enthusiasm to your participants and describe to them the importance of your cause so that they can communicate it well.

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    Be specific about the purpose of the funds. Show concrete examples of what they will buy. Do not hesitate to use visual support such as photos or videos to concretize the objective.

  4. 4

    Motivate your troops by emphasizing their added value to the group. Show them that unity is strength and that every dollar counts! Everyone needs to understand their value to keep them motivated throughout the campaign. You can also create friendly contests to boost sales.

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    Manage your time effectively by establishing a precise schedule with time targets to achieve. This plan will allow you to have an overview of the objectives to be achieved and will help the participants to plan their actions by visualizing the targets. Knowing that enthusiasm decreases as time progresses in a campaign, do not hesitate to refer to this tool regularly.

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    Have fun! Throughout your fundraising campaign, it is essential to stay positive and have fun with the participants. You can think of reward activities when reaching certain targets, for example.

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    Present your results to all attendees and your major donors. Do not hesitate to publicly present the achievement of your objectives and to thank all the participants. If your products have not already been delivered, a thank you note or letter is always appreciated from donors and volunteers.

To carry out each of these steps, do not hesitate to use our various tools such as the presentation template of your campaign as well as our guide to a successful fundraising campaign!