Fundraising campaign: 8 guidelines to follow

Know your product

The most important step in a fundraising campaign is knowing what you are selling! In order to convince others to buy your product, you must first start believing in it yourself. Take the time to read about your product, question what sets it apart from others, and ask yourself why it is essential to your potential customer. Learn about your cause, speak with emotion and be ready to answer questions!

réfléchir sur son produit

Ask those around you

To achieve your financial goals, you must maximize your potential sales! How to do? Ask as many people as possible. With the various means of communication available to you today, the possibilities are endless. Start with the people close to you: family, neighbors, friends, colleagues, etc. Afterwards, do not hesitate to expand your network by going door-to-door, visiting businesses and even approaching businesses or clubs in your community.

Show your commitment

Affirm your commitment by making the first donation. You demonstrate that you believe in your product and that the cause is also close to your heart. Nothing better than to lead by example in order to create a movement. If you don't buy your product yourself, who will? Be a proud ambassador!

accueillir des dons

Set goals

Set goals! Knowing where you want to go makes it easier to figure out how to get there. It is not only necessary to think of the final objective, but also of short-term objectives or per seller for example. This energizes the sales team as well as the entire organization when goals are achieved. Think more about the frequency of rewards rather than their magnitude.

Pick the right time

For sales, it's all about timing! We rarely buy a snowsuit in the middle of summer, right? You also don't usually think about eating a steak when you wake up. To solicit people in your fundraising campaign, it's the same thing; you have to choose the right moment.

choisir le bon moment

Depending on the product you are selling, stay tuned and do not hesitate to jump on the opportunities that come your way. Try to identify the best time to solicit your donors.

Psst: ask for donations on pay days! On Thursdays and Fridays, donors will naturally be more inclined to encourage you.

keep your smile

Smile! It is always important to show good humor and keep smiling at all times, even when faced with a refusal. Show your enthusiasm by always keeping a smile, from the explanation of your product to the thanks!

Visit the places you encourage

Since you encourage them all year round, they may be inclined to do the same. Visit the places and businesses you are used to frequenting. Go see your favorite shops, your health professionals, your hairdresser, your beautician, your dentist, your favorite restaurant; in short, all the places where you spend money!

visiter une boutique

Work as a team

To succeed in your fundraising campaign, teamwork is essential. Do not hesitate to involve your family, friends and colleagues in your fundraising campaign!

Here is! With these few guidelines, you should be able to carry out a successful fundraising campaign! Uncertain? You can still download our guide to a successful fundraising campaign.